Manage your invoices

Effortlessly create, update, delete, and cancel invoices.

Quick search: Easily search through all your invoices and sort them by payment status, due date, reference, and more.

Product list: Save your favorite products for quick and easy insertion into invoices.

Discounts: Add discounts to invoices.

Due date: Set an automated due date period with an option for manual override.

Invoice number: Choose between random or ascending invoice numbers and add your own prefix.


Easily add or import transactions

Save payments: Reconcile payments made through cash, bank transfers, credit and debit cards.

Stripe integration: Connect your Stripe account and automatically import transactions for streamlined bookkeeping.


Create professional and customized invoices that reflect your brand identity.

Logo: Add your logo and company registration number to your invoices.

White label: Only your brand is visible on your invoices.

Custom domain email: Send invoices using your own domain name email addresses for a personalized touch.


Easily share and export invoices.

PDF export: View and export invoices in PDF format for easy sharing.

Email invoices: Send invoices directly from the dashboard using custom email templates and PDF attachments.

Status tracking: Status seamlessly updated to Sent when invoice is shared, and to Reminder sent when a follow-up reminder is issued.

Contacts management

Keep your client information organized and easily accessible.

Centralized information: Manage client information all in one place.

Multiple email addresses: Add multiple email addresses for a single client.

Preferences: Save clients’ preferred language and currency for a personalized experience.


Make your invoicing process compatible with international clients and regulations.

Multilingual: Available in English and French, with more languages to be added soon.

Multi-currency: Handle transactions in multiple currencies.

Tax rates: Customize tax rates according to different regions and regulations.


Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with in-depth reports.

Monthly reports: View monthly revenue, taxes, and payment statuses.

Annual summary: Get a snapshot of the year’s financials with the current year summary.

US$ 15 per month

Get 2 months free with a yearly plan